Rai Sandi Gallery, Jalan Ray Sanggingan, Ubud, Bali

All works were made in Ubud and Pererenan, Bali during 2015 and were exhibited at The Rai Sandi Gallery. Ubud. Bali.


" 'Adventures Into Non Ordinary Reality' is a body of work I made during a time I was studying alternative healing modalities and core shamanism with The Foundation of Shamanic Studies in Ubud and so this greatly influenced how I communicated with my surrounds. I found beyond what I saw in my day to day life lay other dimensions and worlds, the mystical nature of Bali and how Hinduism is embedded into the landscape where benevolent spirits, higher beings, deities and strange forms dwell. 
 Included in this exhibition are portraits of novelist Zia Haider Rahman and violinist Myoshi Masato, both artists I met in Ubud, both whom I feel altered my sense of reality through literature and music.  
I paint onto and into vintage linens, giving my work texture and a new life and dialogue to old fabrics. 
I like to think that each of these works is imbued with a spiritual aspect, something that heals and somehow transforms the viewer. "