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India to Bali

Welcome to my blog.

I have just spent some weeks in India, Jaipur to be exact. Dusty, noisy, delicious, eye popping India! 

I am working on a new Art print collection. Between working in India and Bali this is a beautiful project and I feel so blessed.

2018 is for me about being a full time artist. This started with the new year opening in Jaipur as I gathered ideas for this new collection and how to put the whole thing together, from choosing images to selling online through my website. And all the points, creatives and places in between as there are many! 

The first Collection is dedicated to the Year of the Dog 2018, the Bali dog. As it has become clear that my attempts to rescue and rehabilitate dogs on Bali is very much part of my journey here.  I can't wait to launch. This has been a long time visioning, designing and art making.